9 November 2021

Rigetti and Oxford Instruments Participate in The City Quantum Summit London 2021

Rigetti Computing, a pioneer in full-stack quantum computing, and Oxford Instruments are gold sponsors of the upcoming City Quantum Summit London 2021 which is taking place on Wednesday 10th November at Mansion House. The Summit will bring together founders and CEOs of quantum computing companies with the aim of clearly demonstrating the need for quantum computing in all sectors and industries, from sustainable development to medical revelations. The event is being hosted by William Russell, Lord Mayor Of The City Of London, in collaboration with Robinson Hambro.

“The City Quantum Summit is a great example of the level of collaboration required to secure ongoing quantum commercialisation here in the UK and we’re pleased to be actively participating in the discussions and working closely with other leading players like Rigetti to accelerate real applications in quantum computing today,” says Stuart Woods, Managing Director at Oxford Instruments NanoScience. Rigetti and Oxford Instruments are partners in a public-private consortium to deliver the first commercial quantum computer in the U.K.

Woods and Marco Paini, Technology Partnerships Director for Europe at Rigetti, will both be participating in the event as part of a panel discussion focused on financial modelling. The discussion will cover quantum computing applications for the financial sector and a project with Standard Chartered to analyse use cases including, for example, synthetic financial data generation and classification for implied volatility.

“Some of the most promising use cases for quantum computing are based in the financial sector. The ability to develop practical applications, like financial modelling, on real hardware puts us in a strong position to accelerate the commercialisation of quantum computing in the UK. Our Innovate UK consortium brings together industry experts and full-stack quantum expertise to make practical quantum computing a reality.”

The Summit will be conducted as a hybrid event with the opportunity to join virtually as well as in person. You can find out more about how to register for the event here.