7 Jan 2021

Oxford Instruments NanoScience Delivers First Proteox Globally to Oxford Quantum Circuits

On 7th January, Oxford Instruments NanoScience, the pioneers in dilution refrigerator technology, announces its partnership with Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC), to accelerate quantum computing commercialisation in the UK. As part of the collaboration, OQC is taking delivery of Oxford Instruments’ next generation Cryofree® refrigerator, Proteox.

Proteox was specifically designed to facilitate high-density wiring with insert-modulatory. OQC will leverage these features to enhance the scaling of its unique 3D architecture, also paving the way towards quantum-focused Measurements as a Service capability. OQC is the first company worldwide to take delivery of the Proteox.

“Our collaboration with Oxford Instruments NanoScience and our work with Proteox is a significant milestone in our plans to build a quantum-powered future,” comments OQC CEO Ilana Wisby. “Proteox will complement our equipment capability in our new state-of-the-art laboratory, further enabling our customers to access our technology online and on site.”

The technology OQC is developing is at the leading edge of quantum computing and will assist in trailblazing new approaches today, including discovering new medical treatments, and solving some of humanity’s greatest problems such as combating climate change.

“This announcement demonstrates how Oxford Instruments is ensuring that the innovators in quantum computing like OQC have access to the best platform for the development of next generation quantum technologies, from early stage single qubit research, right through to commercial quantum computer scale-up, opening up new territories for quantum commercialisation today – not tomorrow,” states Stuart Woods, Managing Director of Oxford Instruments NanoScience. “This is great news for the UK’s quantum push.”

Proteox is a next-generation Cryofree system that provides a step change in modularity and adaptability for ultra-low temperature experiments in condensed-matter physics and quantum computing industrialisation. The Proteox platform has been developed to provide a single, interchangeable modular solution that can support multiple users and a variety of set-ups or experiments while also enabling remote management. To find out more, visit nanoscience.oxinst.com/proteox.

Oxford Instruments Proteox Installed, OQC Lab Jan 2021