3 Jun

Mobile Imaging Rental Lease

Our new customer in N.C. had very complicated siting requirements that prevented other organizations from even participating in offering proposals for a mobile CT. Oxford Instruments Healthcare was able to offer multiple coach options to include various levels of refurbishment and meet a short delivery timeline. Our in-house refurbishment team simply began working on a more suitably sized coach that would meet the customer’s needs. Having inventory and the full complement of skilled employees made the need to “switch gears mid-stream” a simple solution.

When it was discovered that a structural component of their building could not be moved, our planning team offered several options to our client to ensure the mobile CT coach would fit in a very restricted space. Ultimately, we provided the customer with on-site modifications of the patient lift and gate area. On-site modification was such a substantial project that other vendors would not attempt. Oxford did not hesitate to provide this solution to the customer!

Oxford’s three Centers of Excellence give us a distinct advantage over the competition. These centers are where complete refurbishment of MRI, CT and mobile coaches are performed according to ISO 13485 certified processes. Reach out to us for help and flexible solutions on your next MRI, CT, or mobile imaging project!