September 4. 2019

Announcing All-New Ergo Software for Asylum Research Atomic Force Microscopes

Oxford Instruments today announced the launch of the new Ergo™️ software platform for their Asylum Research atomic force microscopes (AFMs). Based on the acclaimed AZtec® software interface for Oxford Instruments electron microscope analyzers, Ergo improves the productivity of both infrequent and expert AFM users. A streamlined workflow guides users quickly from setup to data acquisition. Intelligent algorithms automatically calculate the optimal imaging settings to achieve consistent, high-quality images. Ergo users will more quickly be able to complete their measurements and confidently draw meaningful conclusions.

“Asylum Research AFMs are immensely powerful and versatile research tools. The new Ergo user interface will make these capabilities even more accessible and provide users with greater confidence in their results,” said Jacob Viani, Product Manager at Asylum Research. “Ergo works alongside Asylum’s Igor Pro-based software. Together, the combination provides unmatched flexibility for both routine measurements and ground-breaking advanced research.”

This first release of Ergo focuses on the most common AFM measurement made today—high resolution topographic images. For many researchers, in both shared imaging facilities and individual research labs, this comprises the majority AFM usage. Ergo enables high-quality topographic imaging with minimal user training and no need for manual optimization of imaging parameters. Ease of use and automation feature strongly throughout.

Ergo complements the Igor Pro-based software, which enables the complete range of measurement modes and the ultimate flexibility for customized experiments. Together, they provide the best of both worlds, allowing new and occasional users to quickly become productive in Ergo while still empowering the most advanced work in materials and bioscience research and industrial R&D.

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