16 Jan

New Asylum Research MFP-3D Origin+ Atomic Force Microscope Provides Higher Performance and Broader Capabilities at a Price Competitive with Most Low-Cost AFMs

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research announces the new MFP-3D Origin+ Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). It joins Asylum’s Origin AFM family, which is optimized for researchers who require the performance and sophistication of a research-grade AFM within a constrained budget. The Origin+ complements the existing Origin AFM, featuring the same core performance but supporting a much broader range of imaging modes and accessories. Scientists worldwide will appreciate the Origin+ as providing tremendous value with high performance and extensive capabilities at a price point where other AFMs often lag with lackluster performance and highly limited feature sets.

“Frankly, many people don’t think of Asylum Research when they are looking for a lower-cost AFM, but they should,” said Asylum Research president Dr. Roger Proksch. “We are known as the AFM technology leaders and maybe that seems at odds with affordability. But in fact, the Origin+ is perfectly consistent with Asylum’s roots, which are based on identifying gaps in the AFM market that are holding back scientists from their best research. The whole research community is better served when everyone has access to top-quality research instrumentation. The MFP-3D Origin+ AFM gives researchers with smaller budgets an affordable advantage in driving their research to the next level.”

The MFP-3D Origin+ provides a complete package ready to tackle nearly any field of research. The package includes the AFM itself, featuring an industry-leading 120-micron range X-Y closed-loop scanner and more than twenty imaging modes. A new ergonomic enclosure integrates acoustic and vibration isolation and allows the AFM to reach its ultimate performance in almost any lab. Go beyond topography with support for a wide range of optional imaging modes for nanomechanical and nanoelectrical characterization. The Origin+ also supports many optional accessories, including environmental control options (e.g. control of sample temperature or closed sample cells for controlled gas / liquid environments), and devices to apply external driving forces (e.g. magnetic fields, tensile strain, or high voltage).

No other AFM in the same price range comes close to matching its capabilities. As research requirements evolve, the Origin+ can be upgraded to Asylum’s flagship MFP-3D Infinity model for even higher performance and more capabilities.