2 Nov

Meet BC43 - Andor’s New Benchtop Confocal Microscope

A Big Deal in a Small Box

Andor Technology, an Oxford Instruments company and world leader in scientific imaging solutions, today announced the addition of BC43, a revolutionary benchtop confocal system, to its award-winning microscopy portfolio. 

An affordable and high-speed confocal microscope, with a small footprint, BC43 is purposefully easy to use, allowing researchers to save time while capturing amazing 3D images. Every component has been designed from the bottom up with performance and accessibility in mind.


Typically, microscopes capturing in 3D are expensive, complex to use and are located in specialised darkroom facilities. This is especially true for confocal technology, which delivers the highest quality 3D images, particularly in thick and more clinically relevant specimens.

Andor will change this with BC43, delivering 2D confocal images in milliseconds and generating 3D views in real-time for immediate scrutiny. The compact design means it can sit on a bench in a regular lab, saving space and time.

BC43 offers a comprehensive imaging experience, handling scales from subcellular detail at single cell level right through to large model organisms and huge tissue samples, and does so in samples thicker than many microscopes are capable of handling.

Ideal for early-stage researchers and experienced microscopists alike, BC43 is simple enough to allow users to capture images within an hour of first using the device, yet sophisticated enough to address complex imaging needs for both live and fixed specimens.

The result is many more researchers empowered to capture outstanding images as part of their regular workflow and many times faster than other confocal microscopes.

Dr. Geraint Wilde, Andor’s Product Manager for BC43, commented:

“We are really excited to introduce routine high-quality 3D imaging into regular laboratories with our BC43 Benchtop Confocal.

“This project was driven by understanding that scientists are busy people, striving to collect meaningful data in the shortest time possible. They now have access to confocal technology on the same bench as the samples they prepare and can see the results within just a couple of minutes.

“We want to support our customers as they aim to make breakthroughs in a number of research fields, and we believe the BC43 will make a valuable contribution to their efforts.”

Prof. Alvaro Tavares, Group Leader, CBMR, University of Algarve, has used BC43 extensively over the past 12 months.

“It is an outstanding microscope, delivering remarkable image quality. It's also very compact; it sits on the bench and there is no need for a dark room.

“Importantly, it is extremely easy to use and in about one hour, any student is capable of using the microscope and producing high quality results.

“In terms of productivity for a lab like mine, it’s an ideal microscope.”