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15 Nov

Imaris 10.1 Released – For Fast and Simple Segmentation Using AI

Oxford Instruments - Andor has today released Imaris 10.1, the latest version of its market-leading AI microscopy image analysis software.

Imaris 10.1 integrates AI segmentation tools into its main image analysis workflows, improving ease of use and providing better and more versatile segmentation for all researchers across life science applications.

In Imaris 10.1, a native, trainable AI pixel classifier is an integral part of its big-data-capable Surface segmentation model. Using the Imaris AI pixel classifier simplifies and improves the segmentation and object detection in challenging fluorescent datasets. In addition, it opens doors for 3D Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) segmentation and shape recognition.

Crucially, the AI pixel classifier can be used by all researchers, regardless of their experience. Users can train and compute the results with the classifier on their local machine by painting the data with the efficient and modern smart brush tool. Training and the results preview are extremely fast and interactive, improving the user experience and saving researchers’ time.

The pixel classifier can be trained and utilized on 2D, 3D multi-channel and time-lapse datasets and used in a batch mode to analyse more samples of similar type.

Anna Paszulewicz, Software Manager for Oxford Instruments - Andor, says:

“Imaris 10.1 AI pixel classifier delivers a whole new experience of interactivity and speed. Together with Imaris’ native shape and distance measurements, it’s an amazing analysis and 3D visualisation tool for a wide range of research projects.”

Imaris’ goal is to bring researchers the most comprehensive visualisation and analysis software for 3D/4D and time-lapse microscopic images. It’s notable that Imaris is inclusive for all available microscopy file formats and provides seamless conversion to native IMS, using Bio-Formats.

Users can download a 10-day free trial of Imaris to explore the software first-hand.