Apr. 27, 2021

Imaging Enhanced: Today´s Raman Microscopy Applications

We're hosting a half-day virtual symposium in cooperation with Spectroscopy Online that will take place on May 19th at 1 p.m. EDT.

This event will feature scientific talks from researchers in academia and industry. Exciting and resonant topics of presentations will include microplastics, 2D materials, human health, biology, geoscience and electrochemistry. The theoretical foundations of Raman imaging will also be covered and the considerations involved in achieving the very highest spectral and spatial resolution will be detailed.

The first session is titled: Raman Imaging and its Potential in Earth & Life Sciences, while the second is: Raman Imaging for Comprehensive Materials Research. Question and answer forums will follow each session.

We cordially invite you to visit the conference page to view the full program and to register.

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