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18 July, 2017

Ground breaking technology for analysis of extremely large images

Imaris 9.0: Explore your most complex datasets with the Billion Triangle Surface model
Belfast, Northern Ireland, 18 July, 2017

Bitplane, an Oxford Instruments Company and world leader in 3D/4D image visualization and analysis launched the newest release of Imaris, version 9.0, with an introductory webinar demonstrating the new Billion Triangle Surface model for handling extremely large scientific images.

As a result of new microscopy techniques and modalities that offer increased resolution across vast temporal and spatial scales, the size of imaging data has rapidly increased in recent years. Researchers are now confronted with the task of analysing these extremely large and complex images. Building on Imaris’ strong foundation of large image visualization, version 9.0 addresses this need with a solution to calculate and interactively render the results from these images using its unique 3D Surfaces model.

The improvements in file handling and processing speed permit the creation of Surfaces from images that were previously impossible to analyse. In addition, Imaris 9.0 uses a unique method to provide smooth rendering and interaction of Surfaces created from files hundreds of gigabytes in size. This technology allows Imaris to render massive Surfaces that are defined by billions of triangles.

Other features of this release include enhancements to Imaris’ Volume rendering: automatic adjustments, greater control of opacity settings, new rendering style and fast saving of display adjustment changes. The release also contains ease-of-use improvements for administrators, new file readers (SVS, NDPI) and high resolution exports of lineage tree plots.

Commenting on Imaris 9.0’s proprietary new Surface model technology, Meredith Price, Imaris Product Manager, said, “Imaris is the only microscopy image analysis software to compute and render a multi-resolution 3D Surface model for the automated analysis of extremely large images. Early users of this latest release are generating results never before possible. Imaris 9.0 is revolutionizing the way our customers analyse their data.”.

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