5 Feb

AZtecLive increases productivity

Oxford Instruments announced the release of AZtecLive, delivering improved productivity and superior analysis capabilities through powerful and interactive control over the SEM stage, whether working in the lab or remotely.

Responding to a fundamental change in the way users carry out analysis on their SEM, this latest release of AZtecLive provides significant advances in large area detector technology that will change the way users operate their SEM-EDS system.

Oxford Instruments EDS users have benefited from technological advancements in recent years. Not only has Ultim large area detectors and AZtecLive chemical imaging enabled an increase in productivity. Their capability to obtain useful information in extreme conditions has also been enhanced. These improvements in productivity and capability have changed the way users want to interact with their SEM-EDS system.

Another change to how user’s work has been impelled by the current COVID pandemic. In response, users have looked at ways in which they can perform their analysis remotely. The majority of systems weren’t designed to be used in this way, however, which has resulted in many additional challenged to be overcome. On top of connection problems, one of the most time-consuming issues is establishing two remote connections: one each for the SEM and the EDS system. This generally means users continually switching between the two connections as they investigate their samples.

Anthony Hyde, EDS Product Manager for Oxford Instruments, explains, “The latest AZtecLive software has evolved, to not only make use of the latest technological advancements in large area detectors, but also to help remove some of the barriers to carrying out remote SEM-EDS analysis. This has resulted in benefits in a number of areas, including Enhanced Sample Navigation in the SEM-EDS system, Live Chemical Imaging and Remote SEM-EDS analysis.”

You can learn more here about how AZtecLive can improve your productivity and provide enhanced analysis capability. Alternatively, contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration.

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