20 November 2019

Apogee Alta Notice of Discontinuance

Recommended Replacement Products Available
Apogee Alta

Andor have recently received a notice of discontinuance announcement from On Semiconductor, relating to their entire CCD sensor range. Their decision was taken as a reflection of the ongoing market conversion from CCD to CMOS image sensors, causing recent activity on CCD sensor products to have declined to a level which can no longer be sustained. On Semiconductor CCD sensors constitute the vast majority of Andor’s Apogee Alta camera range. As a result of these factors, Andor have taken the difficult decision to discontinue the Apogee Alta camera platform. On 3rd March 2020, the Apogee Alta products will effectively become discontinued and can no longer be ordered.

However, Andor are pleased to provide a full portfolio of recommended replacement products, many from our range of high sensitivity, cost-effective sCMOS cameras. This list can be accessed here