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AZtecLive  - the next phase in Live Chemical Imaging


Live Chemical Imaging is next phase in the revolutionary AZtecLive Chemical Imaging. It enables you to view a sample’s morphology and elemental distribution, simultaneously and continuously as you move around your sample, delivering a Live Coloured Image with interactive elemental colour key. This allows you to investigate more of your sample quicker or find areas of interest fast. New ColourHiQ takes electron and spectrum image data integration to the next level with super-fast image data processing.

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Upgrade with FeatureExpress



Our latest release of AZtecFeature includes our FeatureExpress upgrade, which massively improves maximum particle analysis speeds from 30,000 particles per hour (pph) to in excess of 120,000 pph. AZtecFeature includes Tru-Q technology to provided unparalleled elemental identification and quantitative analysis without requiring user intervention. This combination of accuracy with the highest levels of throughput produces the high-quality results that analysts need in a wide range of particle analysis applications.

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AZtecWave - now with WDS Scan

Our latest release of AZtecWave includes WDS Scan. This new functionality harnesses the highest resolution WDS spectrometer available for the SEM – Wave – to provide certainty on the presence (or absence) of elements affected by peak overlaps in the EDS spectrum, or present in minor-trace concentrations. Unique technology in AZtecWave automatically calculates the scan collection settings based on SEM-WDS conditions and sample composition. A pre-acquisition, theoretical scan provides visual feedback for optimising scan settings further. By providing positive element identification, the resulting qualitative scan also informs the acquisition of accurate, quantitative compositional results. Ultimately, WDS Scan and AZtecWave brings EPMA-like capability to the SEM.

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Advanced EBSD Acquisition and Data Processing



We have continued to develop new functionality within our AZtecHKL EBSD acquisition software, including a TKD Map navigator to make nanoscale orientation mapping a simple process using transmission Kikuchi diffraction, plus a unique dynamic shadow masking tool that will ensure perfect results in 3D EBSD applications. Our AZtecCrystal EBSD data processing software continues to lead the market in innovation, with exciting new functionality including a comprehensive parent grain reconstruction mode and a powerful tool to remove distortion from EBSD maps, opening up possibilities for correlative analyses.

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