Health & Safety Policy

At Oxford Instruments, we strive to provide a safe workplace and working environment for all employees, wherever they work, from manufacturing sites to the vehicles for our occupational drivers. Making health and safety a priority demonstrates our desire to behave responsibly and to work with care and respect. The application of safe working practices and the active co-operation of employees, visitors and sub-contractors help us to achieve a safe working environment.

All sites and employees have a moral and legal duty to comply with local and national health and safety legislation and failure to do so is unacceptable. There are no acceptable reasons for the existence of an unsafe work environment.

Our health and safety management processes and practices are continually improved and developed. Our approach is based on the ongoing identification and control of risk. This is supported at each site by a structured health and safety management system. A positive safety culture within the Company is actively promoted and supported by executive management and all employees are encouraged to get involved in the continuous improvement of our health and safety management system. We are also committed to developing and designing our new products to comply with all relevant health and safety standards to ensure customer safety.

We are committed to achieving, promoting and maintaining a high standard of health and safety for all our employees and everyone involved in, or affected by, our activities. Our focus is on preventative measures to remove hazards before they can escalate into accidents or near misses. “Push for Zero” is our programme for raising our employees’ awareness of hazards and risks. All our employees are responsible for being proactive in reducing risk in the workplace. A new health and safety reporting platform, SHIELD, has been introduced to aid the recording and management of incidents (accidents and near misses) and hazards (safety observations, unsafe acts, unsafe conditions).

This policy will be reviewed annually by senior management and the Board to ensure that its objectives continue to be relevant to the business and that those objectives are being met by all sites.