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17th - 20th August 2020


Magnetic Resonance

ACS Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting & Expo

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Oxford Instruments On-Demand Presentations

James Sagar, Strategic Product Manager

Flowing in hot water - Understanding reaction chemistry on the bench with NMR

Due to its chemical specificity NMR is an excellent tool for understanding reaction chemistry. Previously, the application of NMR in real time monitoring has been limited by the constraints of high field instruments. Benchtop NMR removes many of these constraints by allowing the system to be placed on the bench next to your reaction. In this presentation you will learn about recent developments in benchtop NMR for understanding reaction chemistry in real time. The most important features of benchtop NMR for reaction monitoring will be discussed in the context of a number of applications. These include high resolution and stability to ensure accurate analysis, as well as the ability to collect data over a wide range of temperatures to allow detailed understanding of reaction dynamics and kinetics.

Marcel Lachenmann, Senior Applications Engineer

Adventures in Benchtop NMR: Practical Applications from the Beginnings to Broadband

NMR is one of the most useful, information-rich techniques in chemistry, providing a wealth of structural and quantitative data. Recently, one of the most exciting and rapidly-changing developments in NMR has been the growth in compact, cryogen-free instruments designed to be used on a standard benchtop in a variety of environments, extending the reach of NMR far beyond the traditional high-field facility into standard laboratory settings. Over the past decade, these low-maintenance benchtop FT NMR spectrometers evolved from providing only basic data to being fully capable of complex experiments previously restricted to high-field instruments. This presentation will provide a brief history of Benchtop FT NMR, from the beginnings to the latest developments, including broadband technology. In addition, discussion of several real-world applications, including quantitative measurement, purity analysis, identification of unknown compounds, and structure elucidation will explore the capabilities of these instruments. Through examination of these practical applications, you will learn about the versatility and utility of modern Benchtop FT NMR in R&D, QA/QC, regulatory, and educational settings.

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