TopQC 2019


Cetraro, Italy


10th - 12th June 2019



TopQC 2019

The entire architecture of a quantum computing system, capable to integrate algorithms and basic q-units, is one of the crucial challenges, requiring contributions by different expertises, skills, experiences on quantum properties and technology implementations. The main aim of this workshop is to shed light on the properties and technologies basic for a realistic development of quantum systems.

Speakers experienced in different quantum fields will contribute to asses the fundamental and practical limits of building quantum computing devices and to overview the potential applications of quantum systems to information and computer science and engineering.

Oxford Instruments holds Nicholas Kurti Science Prize Ceremony at TopQC 2019 

Oxford Instruments NanoScience will be presenting the 2019 winner – Dr Menno Veldhorst of QuTech, Netherlands with the Prizes during the TopQC event. The Nicholas Kurti Science Prize promotes and recognises the novel work of young European scientists working in the fields of low temperatures and/or high magnetic fields. Dr Menno Veldhorst is recognised for his ground-breaking work on silicon-and germanium-based electron spin quantum bits. This includes a demonstration of record spin coherence times and the demonstration of integrated two-qubit functionality. Dr Veldhorst will be presenting his award winning work at the Prize Ceremony. 

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