Frontiers of Nanomechanical Systems 2023

Oxford Instruments NanoScience will be sponsoring the Frontiers of Nanomechanical Systems (FNS) event in Rotterdam, The Netherlands!

The Frontiers of Nanomechanical Systems (FNS) is a workshop series with the purpose to bring together the international community engaged in fundamental research on vibrations of nano- and micro- electromechanical systems (NEMS & MEMS). The workshop intends to promote the cross-fertilization of ideas and stimulate international interactions in this rapidly growing area.

Nano and micromechanical resonators are unique platforms for fundamental science and fill in the gap between the microscopic world of molecular vibrations and the world of macroscopic vibrational systems. The research frontiers they open lie at the interface between quantum & classical nonlinear dynamics and extend from condensed matter physics to statistical physics, many-body physics far from thermal equilibrium, and nanotechnology. At the same time, owing to their small size and ultra-low mass, they offer new opportunities in terms of functionality and sensitivity, and thus are expected to enable new breakthroughs in sensing, communications, and computing both in classical and quantum regimes.


    Rotterdam, The Netherlands