Technical Seminar

Atomic Force Microscopy Workshop
at McGill University

Atomic Force Microscopy Workshop at McGill University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Join us for this in-person workshop on atomic force microscopy (AFM) that will feature Dr. Ted Limpoco from Oxford Instruments Asylum Research. The event will be hosted by Dr. Changhong Cao from the Mechanical Engineering Department at McGill University. Topics will include the principles of AFM and its various applications. Researchers will also present their work in 2D materials and moiré patterns.

Your Speakers:


Dr. Ted LimpocoSr. Applications Scientist, Oxford Instruments Asylum Research

Presenting on the myriad capabilities of Asylum Research's Cypher VRS and MFP-3D Origin AFMs. Will provide an overview of the basic physics of AFM, as well as delve into advanced application areas and the various modes available.


Dr. Changhong Cao - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, McGill University

Showcasing previous work on multi-scale mechanical characterizations of ultrathin films using AFM, including AFM indentation for modulus and strength measurement of monolayer graphene and graphene nanocomposites, as well as friction force microscopy for interfacial shear strength characterizations of 2D materials. 

    Dr. Daling Cui - Postdoctoral Fellow, Demtri Perepichka lab, McGill University

    Probing thermodynamics of moiré patterns in molecular self-assembly through in-situ annealing. Will provide insights into the thermodynamics of surface-confined supramolecular systems where the molecular lattice is incongruent with the substrate.

    Dr. Peter Grutter - James McGill Chair, Professor of Physics, McGill University

      Demonstrating how to interpret tapping (AC) operation mode, which is often used to obtain high-quality AFM images. Discussion will touch on the relevant theory behind tapping, as well as the practical aspects of what to look for to facilitate interpretation of the acquired data.


      McGill University


      September 27, 2022


      11:20 AM - 2:30 PM (EDT)

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