SMASH 2022

Small Molecule NMR Conference 

August 28-31, 2022 | La Jolla, CA, USA


La Jolla, CA, USA


August 28-31, 2022


Magnetic Resonance

SMASH 2022: Small Molecule NMR Conference

If you want to learn the latest NMR methods, find new applications for the technology or meet the movers and shakers in the field, SMASH is the place to do it.

  • Fantastic science - SMASH showcases the latest developments in NMR methodology and their applications in cutting-edge industrial settings. World-leading scientists and industry experts discuss the latest challenges and solutions in our field.
  • Academia meets Industry - SMASH brings together the leading scientists from academia and industry in one international meeting. If you want to cross the boundaries between research and application - SMASH has the people you need to be talking to.
  • Networking and Employment - The meeting is highly social with plenty of opportunities for mixing and meeting the top spectroscopists and perhaps your future employers.

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Come and talk to us about X-Pulse, a revolution in the flexibility of benchtop NMR. Combining true broadband X-nuclei capability, flow chemistry, reaction monitoring and variable temperature with superior spectral resolution, cryogen-free X-Pulse is suitable for any laboratory focused on organic synthesis analysis or materials identification. Visit us to discuss your applications.

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