August 30 - September 2
Oxford Instruments Hub SMASH 2021

SMASH 2021

Welcome to the Oxford Instruments Hub SMASH 2021.

We are looking forward to meeting you during the week at our virtual booth or at one of our live X-Pulse benchtop NMR demos. X-Pulse is the only benchtop NMR system offering:

  • True broadband multinuclear capability including 1H, 19F, 13C, 31P 23Na, 7Li, 29Si, and 11B
  • True variable temperature analysis from 20-60°C





Magnetic Resonance

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Join us for a live demo August 31 and September 1

Live demonstrations of the X-Pulse – the world’s first broadband benchtop NMR spectrometer.


Rapid identification of small molecules including Novel Psychoactive Drug Substances (NPS) using benchtop NMR

Learn how with X-Pulse, our benchtop NMR spectrometer, you can use single click experiments to quickly collect the data required to identify unknown samples, using both one- and two-dimensional NMR experiments. The demo will also showcase the ability to use novel chemometrics software to rapidly and automatically identify unknown small molecule pharmaceutical compounds and mixtures.


Characterising small molecules from across the periodic table with broadband benchtop NMR

Learn how with X-Pulse, our benchtop NMR spectrometer, you can go beyond standard 1H, 19F, and 13C one-dimensional and two-dimensional NMR on your benchtop. You will see how you can easily acquire spectra from many other nuclei on a single instrument in your laboratory.


NMR isn’t all about protons (¹H) although people often primarily think that due to the excellent sensitivity of the nucleus and its wide-ranging uses in organic chemistry. In fact, many more nuclei are NMR sensitive and can be used to build a better picture of your chemistry. A broadband channel, capable of collecting spectra from a variety of different nuclei (so called X-Nuclei), has until now been restricted to high field NMR applications. X-Pulse however, delivers a true tuneable broadband channel to the benchtop for the first time, enabling investigations of systems not easily analyzed with just protons.

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The use of analytical techniques at all stages of the chemical reaction gives valuable information about the reaction process and allows for reaction optimization, checking of reaction completion and presence of contaminants. The technique of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) delivers unique structural information about small molecules, identifying functional groups, molecular backbone and the chemical environment of the nuclei. It is widely used for the simple and rapid measurement of many organic synthesis processes.

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Benchtop NMR has a wide range of application in battery technology. Using benchtop spectroscopy with X-Pulse it is possible to characterize liquid electrolytes in great detail from research applications in the development of new electrolyte formulations to manufacturing process and quality control to the understanding of battery failures through electrolyte degradation. Using benchtop time domain NMR with MQC+ or MQR it is possible to characterize porosity of separator membranes, measure particle sizes of graphite in anode slurries as well as any other material properties of typical battery components.

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Improving the performance and reliability of next generation batteries relies on optimizing the current carrying electrolyte solutions inside them. In this webinar, we highlight why benchtop NMR spectroscopy is so significant in understanding batteries, from raw materials checking, right through the R&D cycle to quality control in manufacturing.


During this webinar we present a brief introduction to benchtop NMR spectroscopy as a technique and an overview of the wide range of applications made possible by a true broadband benchtop spectrometer.


Benchtop NMR is an extremely powerful technique for the identification of small molecules. Most illicit substances fall into this category. By combining benchtop NMR with a database of illicit substances we show that rapid analysis with a high degree of certainty is possible.


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