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SEM 2022

The three-day course, SEM 2022 at Chalmers Microscopy School, will focus on advanced techniques in imaging and microanalysis in focused ion beam and scanning electron microscopes.

SEM 2022 will combine theory and practical experience. The lectures in the morning sessions will give a background to the afternoon laboratory sessions. The course participants are encouraged to bring their own specimens to open lab evening sessions.

The laboratory sessions will be carried out on SEMs and FIB/SEMs with surrounding interactive equipment for chemical and structural analysis.

Oxford Instruments Nanoanalysis will be holding Live demonstrations of EDS and EBSD acquisition: using the AZtecLive Auto system with Ultim 100 (EDS) and Symmetry 3 (EBSD) detectors on state-of-the-art FEG-SEM.

Pat Trimby and Håkan Vikström from Oxford Instruments will be presenting:-                          How can we use EBSD to characterise deformation in materials? (Basic EBSD up to advanced post processing)

Free lab sessions will be available for both stations (Contact Oxford Instruments below to book after hours sessions).

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Chalmers Microscopy School, Gothenburg, Sweden


October 25-27, 2022



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