SCF 2023

SCF 2023

This triennial scientific event, organized on the initiative of the Société Chimique de France (SCF), will begin with a mainstream weekend (June 24-25), at the Nantes Museum, on the topic “Chemistry, Light and Color”. During the following three days (June 26-28), the congress will welcome at the Cité des Congrès in Nantes some forty guest speakers, 300 oral communications and two poster sessions.

SCF 2023 will be an opportunity to have enriching discussions between researchers of all generations, both from the academic and industrial spheres, and the opportunity to set up new collaborations.

At this occasion, Marc Fourmigué will receive from the SCF the national Grand Prix Joseph-Achille Le Bel.
Julien Boixel and Sophie Guillaume are members of the organizing committee respectively for the SCF-BPdL regional section and the Polymers & materials chemistry section.

Meet us @SCF2023

  • Come and talk to us about your applications for benchtop NMR spectroscopy and confocal Raman imaging.
  • Hear about X-Pulse, our fully tuneable, broadband benchtop NMR spectrometer with flow chemistry, sample automation, reaction monitoring, variable temperature and superior spectral resolution.
  • Learn about the capabilities of our alpha300 confocal Raman microscopes for analyzing the spatial distribution of chemical sample properties, and how Raman imaging can be combined with complementary techniques such as AFM and SEM.


Nantes Museum, Nantes, France


June 24-25, 2023


WITec | Raman, Magnetic Resonance

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