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The EBSD 2023 meeting will be held in person at the University of Leeds on 18 - 19 April 2023.

This Annual UK-based EBSD meeting is an excellent opportunity for the multidisciplinary EBSD community to meet and share the newest developments and applications of EBSD, and EBSD-related techniques, that are used to study materials across geoscience, materials science and engineering, and physical science. There are also exciting emerging applications of EBSD to the biological sciences. Talks will likely include state-of-the-art developments in instrumentation and software, new techniques, as well as a variety of applications and uses of EBSD, transmission Kikuchi diffraction (TKD), electron channelling contrast imaging (ECCI), and related microscopy modalities.

Oxford Instruments will be exhibiting its latest product innovations at the conference. Stop by our booth and have a chat with our experts!

Oxford Instruments Electron Microscopy products enable you to accurately analyse and characterise materials down to the nanoscale level more rapidly, by combining superior detection and analysis instruments with software platforms that interpret the resulting data in the context of your research.

Supported by our AZtec software platform, our EBSD detectors give you accurate compositional analysis in real time. For microstructural detail, the new Symmetry S3 detectors give unrivalled acquisition speeds, pattern resolution and sensitivity. The resulting certainty allows you to innovate with confidence and redefine the Art of the Possible.

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University of Leeds UK


18 -19 April 2023