Twickenham Stadium, London, UK


20-22 April 2020


NanoScience, Plasma Technology, NanoAnalysis

The global business conference & exhibition for commercial applications of Quantum technology

Separating the hype from the reality when evaluating radically new forms of technology and science is difficult, but when the subject is as complex and esoteric as Quantum physics & mechanics, that problem is amplified. However, the reality is that Quantum computing and Quantum sensing & metrology technologies are moving from the lab to the shop floor. In addition, the existential threat posed to current secure networks by Quantum computing is driving real-world urgency in Quantum secure communications & cryptography.

Driven by geopolitical concerns and government investment, underpinned by huge advances in computing power and technical know-how, real-life examples and practical use cases for Quantum technologies are becoming more common place and proven.

Find out more: Quantum.Tech

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