Quantum 2020




19th - 22nd October 2020


NanoScience, Plasma Technology, Andor

Welcome to Quantum 2020

The Institute of Physics and IOP Publishing, in partnership with the Chinese Physical Society (CPS) and the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) are proud to bring together the international quantum science community online for this inaugural conference.

Early career and leading researchers from universities, industry and government worldwide will come together to share, learn and collaborate on the latest research and emerging areas of high interest across quantum science and technology. The broad themes covered by Quantum 2020 will include:

The four-day event will feature talks from world-renowned scientists, interactive poster sessions and two exciting panel discussions on the themes of Quantum Technology in Industry and Quantum Technology Programmes Around the World.

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Quantum technologies device fabrication challenges and solutions

Ravi Sundaram, Head of Strategic R&D Markets

Tuesday 20th October,  7 pm Shanghai time (12 noon BST)

The next leap in technology readiness in quantum device performance relies on advancement in materials processing. This talk provides an overview of device fabrication and characterisation challenges and solutions for applications in Quantum Technology like Quantum computing, communications and sensing. We will cover aspects of state of the art processing solutions for three different approaches to Quantum devices: Superconducting Qubits and quantum circuits, Diamond based NV centers and Integrated photonic approaches to quantum technologies.

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Quantum computing and qubit scale-up applications with Proteox dilution refreigertor

James Robinson, Product Manager

Wednesday 21st October,  6.30 pm Shanghai time (11.30 am BST)

Quantum applications are a key driving factor for cryogenic innovation, placing increasing demands on experimental volume and wiring capacity. The new Proteox dilution refrigerator from Oxford Instruments NanoScience addresses these market demands through increased line-of sight-access, wider plate spacings and a 50% increase in mixing chamber plate area. This presentation provides an overview of how the Quantum researchers can unlock new applications, maximise system value and gain greater control over experimental set-up that can support multiple users and a variety of experiments from a single experimental system using the Proteox system.

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Find out more about our new dilution refrigerator: Proteox5mK

The world’s coldest commercially available continuous operation crygen free dilution unit provides ultra-low base temperature of < 5 mK and high cooling power of > 25 µW at 20 mK.


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