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Proteox Family

Oxford Instruments’ family of dilution refrigerators for use in a variety of applications, from fundamental condensed matter research to scale-up in superconducting and spin quantum computing.

Proteox Family

The modular Cryofree® ProteoxMX dilution refrigerator delivers greater experimental capacity and adaptability.


The compact Cryofree® ProteoxS dilution refrigerator delivers faster turnaround in a smaller size, with no compromise on performance.


ProteoxLX Cryofree® dilution refrigerator for quantum computing scale-up.


Ideal for a multi-user or multi-experiment setting. Side loading Secondary Inserts can be exchanged between Proteox systems enabling experiments to be set up and tested on a workbench prior to exchange.

Secondary Insert

Collaboration and working together will drive quantum technologies forward, and at Oxford Instruments we are happy to work with companies and have technologies that can be integrated into our dilution refrigerators.

Enabling technologies

Our TeslatronPT system, with its high-magnetic field and cryogenic environment, provides a platform for a variety of applications, including electrical transport measurements, low-dimensional physics and spintronics. In this blog, we want to introduce what a transport measurement is and the conditions required to conduct a successful measurement.

Learn how our measurement systems are being used in a lab like yours.

An Introduction to Transport Measurements at Oxford Instruments NanoScience The long-term partnership between Oxford Instruments NanoScience and Lake Shore Cryotronics Lancaster University in the Oxford Instruments Apps Lab

Our blogs showcase our partners, employees, products and applications. There are a variety to browse through to get more information on what Oxford Instruments is working on.

NanoScience Blog