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Join the audience for a Quantum Week live webinar at 9 a.m. GMT on 1 November 2022 exploring the forthcoming quantum technology revolution.

Tuesday 1st November 9:00 am (BST)

Perspectives on societal aspects and impacts of quantum technologies

Quantum science and technology is advancing and evolving rapidly and, in the last decade, has shifted from foundational scientific exploration to adoption by commercial and government organisations.

What considerations exist for quantum technologies? How should we engage as a society in the future, as promised and created by this emerging sector? We will discuss some key questions that will shape the forthcoming quantum technology revolution.

Thursday 3rd November 12:00 pm (BST)

Quantum sensors for new-physics discoveries

This webinar will introduce Focus on Quantum Sensors for New-Physics Discoveries as published in the IOP Publishing journal, Quantum Science and Technology. Extraordinary progress in quantum sensors and technologies opens new avenues for exploring the universe and testing the assumptions forming the basis of modern physics.

This focus issue is a next-decade roadmap on developing a wide range of quantum sensors and new technologies towards discoveries of new physics. The webinar will also briefly introduce new opportunities for fundamental physics studies with quantum sensors in space, which are a part of the forthcoming Focus Issue on Cold Atoms in Space.

Thursday 3rd November 15:00 (BST)

Purifying the Demon: Does Quantum Erasure Cost More Than You Remember?

Join us to explore a new approach to erasing quantum information and the growing field of “quantum thermodynamics”

We erase information every day: rubbing out a pencil scribble, deleting a paragraph from a word processor, or wiping a whiteboard clean. Erasing information has an inescapable work cost – a discovery that proved crucial to save the revered second law of thermodynamics from being violated by the “Maxwell’s Demon” thought experiment.

A hypothetical demon, using a “quantum Szilard engine”, can erase quantum information. Maria Violaris will introduce a surprising potential link between quantum erasure and a novel reformulation of irreversibility, providing a new angle on the growing field of quantum thermodynamics.

Friday 4th November 12:00 pm (BST)

Hybrid quantum opto- and electrochemical systems

In this webinar, Yiwen Chu will give an overview of the field of opto- and electromechanical systems in the quantum regime, with a focus on their various applications in quantum information processing.

Chu will share with you some examples from her research on storing, manipulating and transducing quantum information in mechanical systems.





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