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NanoInnovation 2023

This event represents a well-established national meeting point for the wide and multidisciplinary community involved in the development of nanotechnology and its integration with other key enabling technologies (KETs), in all fields of application. This year special emphasis will be given to issues related to energy transition, digital transition, circular economy but also biomedicine and more.

NanoInnovation 2023 will once more gather researchers, technologists, managers, entrepreneurs, and investors who will share their experiences, opinions, and expectations on the topics proposed this year, with constant focus on the world of nanotechnology.

Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis will be exhibiting its latest SEM product innovations at the exhibition. Stop by our booth and have a chat with our experts!

Oxford Instruments Electron Microscopy products enable you to accurately analyse and characterise materials down to the nanoscale level more rapidly, by combining superior detection and analysis instruments with software platforms that interpret the resulting data in the context of your research.

We will be introducing Unity - the world’s first BEX imaging detector that combines Backscattered Electron and X-ray (BEX) imaging in a single technique, simultaneously.

Supported by our AZtec software platform, our EDS detectors give you accurate compositional analysis in real time, while our WDS quantifies minor and trace elements with unmatched speed and flexibility.

For microstructural detail, the Symmetry S3 EBSD detectors give unrivalled acquisition speeds, pattern resolution and sensitivity. The resulting certainty allows you to innovate with confidence and redefine the Art of the Possible.

Oxford Instruments Presentations:-

Wednesday, September 20, 6:45 p.m. - Sala degli Affreschi
Simultaneous high speed Backscattered Electron and X-Ray (BEX) imaging: a new technique for SEM
Speaker: Keith Dicks - Senior Applications Scientist - Oxford Instruments

Friday, September 22, 10:50 a.m. - Sala degli Affreschi
Correlative Indexing with Dynamic Template Matching – Hybrid EBSD - Pattern Matching coupled with Hough Indexing
Speaker: Keith Dicks - Senior Applications Scientist - Oxford Instruments

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Rome, Italy


18-22 September 2023