7 - 8 July, 2021
Imaging in Neuroscience - A Virtual Conference

We are pleased to announce the first Imaging in Neuroscience virtual conference. This virtual event will facilitate collaboration allowing you to interact with your peers and gain insights from industry experts from home at no cost.

Moreover, the meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss recent discoveries, advancements in techniques, and introduce useful tools to achieve your research goals. This scientific conference will feature headline speakers highlighted below, however, we want to also invite you and your colleagues to contribute and share your recent research successes.

Join the Virtual Event to:

  • View webinars and posters—by scientists, for scientists.
  • Access a wide selection of resources such as white papers, application notes, technical handbooks, product demo videos, and product selection guides.
  • Connect with our application specialists to get tips and tricks, and advice on overcoming challenges in your research.
  • Visit booths to learn more about solutions for your application.
  • Connect with your peers in discussions and present your work.
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Confirmed Speakers

Invited Speaker Schedule

Presentation Title Date/Time Presenter
Genetic and Environmental Regulation of Synaptic Specificity 7 July 2021 
09.00 BST
Prof. Zhiyong Shao
Fudan University, China
In Situ Sequencing for the Spatial Exploration of the Cellular Architecture of the Mammalian Nervous System Towards Understanding Human Disease 7 July 2021 
10.30  BST
Dr Christoffer Mattsson Langseth
Karolinska Institute, Sweden
In Situ Sequencing Reveals Spatial and Temporal Differences in Oligodendrocyte Lineage Distribution in Homeostasis and Disease 7 July 2021 
13.30 BST
Petra Kukanja
Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Axon Guidance During CNS Regeneration 7 July 2021 
15.00 BST
Prof. Homaira NAWABI, 
INSERM, France
Gene Expression Dynamics Regulating the Timing of Neuronal Differentiation During Mammalian Neural Development 8 July 2021 
09.30 BST
Dr Hiromi Shimojo
Osaka University, Japan
Super-Resolution Microscopy for Monitoring Synaptic Activities in Whole Drosophila 8 July 2021 
11.00 BST
Dr Li-An Chu
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Imaging in Human Brain Organoids 8 July 2021 
13.00 BST
Dr Calvin Chan, 
University of Edinburgh, UK

Poster Session

We would like to extend the opportunity to both yourself and your lab to contribute to our scientific content by submitting an abstract for either our virtual poster session, or our short on-demand talks.

Virtual poster sessions offer the opportunity to present data to a global audience via a PDF poster & on-demand sessions offer a 20 minute pre-recorded research led talk.

The opportunity to discuss results with interested colleagues via chat or email will also be available. Plan now to be included in the Virtual Event.

The deadline to submit an abstract is June 28.  All posters should be uploaded during submission in PDF format, recorded talks will be confirmed separately once accepted.