Paris, France


18th - 22 August 2019


Magnetic Resonance

ICMRM 2019

The aim of the ICMRM series is to promote the most recent advances in the development of spatially resolved magnetic resonance methods and their applications. Continuing this tradition, the 15th conference in Paris will cover research related to the application of spatially resolved magnetic resonance to a large variety of systems including solids, porous media, and biological tissues.

In addition, applications of magnetic resonance to engineering, biomedical and clinical sciences will be presented as well. We will also include pre-clinical imaging, molecular and cellular imaging, technological advances in magnetic resonance instruments and other exotic experiments.

The first ICMRM was held in 1991 in Heidelberg and was originally known as the "Heidelberg Conference“. Currently, ICMRM is organized biannually by the Division of Spatially Resolved Magnetic Resonance of the AMPERE Society.

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