Core facility and service managers' workshop

The Oxford Instruments Core facility and service managers' workshop takes place on July 17th July at our Innovation Centre in High Wycombe

As the manager of a core facility laboratory, it is important for you to have systems which enable you to optimise efficiency and increase the flexibility of your facilities – allowing you to address the needs of multiple clients effectively and in a timely manner. In response to this requirement Oxford Instruments have developed key features within our products, software and service to assist you.

In order to demonstrate how these products deliver the capability and breadth you need, we will be discussing the latest technology in the field and how the combination of multiple analytical approaches creates comprehensive and flexible workflows that meet the ever-evolving needs of your clients


High Wycombe UK


NanoAnalysis, Asylum Research, WITec | Raman, Magnetic Resonance

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Rene Friedrichs RSSL

Rene is an experienced investigative scientist with a background in both emergency medical services and forensic investigations. He began his career in Germany, where he trained and worked as a paramedic, gaining practical experience in emergency care.

In 2007, Rene moved to the UK to further his education and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Sciences from the University of Abertay Dundee. Following his graduation, he joined RSSL as a Microscopy Research Assistant, where he focused on foreign material investigations, helping to identify contaminants and maintain product quality.

Rene pursued further studies and completed a Master’s degree in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology at Cranfield University in 2010. This advanced education enhanced his knowledge in forensic science, particularly in archaeological contexts and human remains.

After obtaining his Master’s degree, Rene worked as a Reporting Forensic Scientist, contributing to criminal casework for several police forces across the UK. His work involved applying forensic techniques to assist in solving cases and supporting law enforcement.

In 2013, Rene returned to RSSL’s microscopy department, where he specializes in the identification of foreign materials, counterfeit investigations, and structural characterisation. His work plays an important role in ensuring the safety and authenticity of various products.”

Dr Gareth Hughes Oxford University

Gareth is the Deputy Manager and FIB Scientist at the David Cockayne Centre for Electron Microscopy at the University of Oxford Department of Materials. With over 25 years of experience in electron beam and ion beam techniques, Gareth has a PhD form Bristol University and moved to his current role at Oxford in 2008, and has been training users and developing FIB based techniques and workflows ever since.

Demonstration Programme:

    • X-Pulse: Broadband NMR Spectroscopy on the Bench - Robin Blagg
    • Jupiter XR and Cypher: Automation, Ease of Use, Resolution and Stability - Gabriele Selvaggio
    • Quantitative microstructure analysis by EBSD - Keith Dicks
    • RISE - Molecular analysis inside an SEM - Joshua Lea
    • Speed and accuracy: Using EDS for particle analysis and BEX for cartography - Alexandra Stavropoulou


    10.00Registration and coffeeOptional Factory Tour at 10.15
    11.00Key Speaker PresentationScaling Up and Down! Analytics at the Both Ends of the Magnification Dial… Dr Gareth Hughes Oxford University
    11.30Oxford instruments PresentatonsExtending your microanalysis capability - Hui Jiang
    Confocal Raman Microscopy: what can it do for you? - Joshua Lea
    Leading Innovation in AFM Technology: Recent Advances - Gabriele Selvaggio
    12.00Demonstration of analytical techniques Rotating series:1See Demonstration Programme
    12.30See Demonstration Programme
    13.45Key Speaker PresentationUnlocking the Puzzle: Investigating Foreign Materials - Rene Friedrichs RSSL
    14.15Oxford instruments PresentationsRemote & Real Time Lab Management with Oi View - Ed Jackson
    Benchtop NMR in a multi-user facility - Robin Blagg
    14.45Demonstration of analytical techniques Rotating series:2See Demonstration Programme
    15.15See Demonstration Programme
    15.45See Demonstration Programme
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