09 - 10 February 2021
Characterisation and Applications of Advanced Nanophotonic Materials and Structures

We are pleased to announce the first Material Science: Characterisation and applications of advanced Nanophotonic materials and structures. This virtual event will facilitate collaboration allowing you to interact with your peers and gain insights from industry experts from home at no cost.

Moreover, the meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss recent discoveries in research, advancements in techniques, and introduce useful tools to achieve your research goals.

Join the Virtual Event to:

  • View webinars and posters—by scientists, for scientists.
  • Access a wide selection of resources such as white papers, application notes, technical handbooks, product demo videos, and product selection guides.
  • Connect with our application specialists to get tips and tricks, and advice on overcoming challenges in your research.
  • Visit booths to learn more about solutions for your application.
  • Connect with your peers in discussions and present your work.
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Andor, Asylum Research

Event Topics

  • Nano & Micro-Electronics
  • Quantum Optics
  • Renewable & Sustainable Energy
  • Biophotonics for Biomedical applications
  • Chemical Reactions & Catalysis

Confirmed Speakers

Dr Alexandre Bouhelier

CNRS, France

Dr Thomas Winkler

Aarhus University, Denmark

Dr Letian Dou

Purdue University, USA

Dr Satyendra Nath Gupta

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Dr Guillermo Muñoz

Valencia University, Spain

Prof. David J. Norris

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Prof. Scott L. Anderson

University of Utah, USA

Prof. Hatice Altug

EPFL, Switzerland

Prof. Jan Linros

KTH, Stockholm

Pierre Valvin

CNRS, France

Prof. Wesley Browne

Stratingh Institute for Chemistry, Holland

Prof. Maria Loi

University of Groningen, Holland

Dr Steffen Michaelis de Vasconcellos

WWU Münster, Germany

Prof. Kenneth Knappenberger, Jr.

Penn State University, USA

Dr Tyler Mefford

Stanford University, USA

Prof. Fritz B. Prinz

Stanford University, USA

Poster Session

We would like to extend the opportunity to both yourself and your lab to contribute to our scientific content by submitting an abstract for either our virtual poster session, or our short on-demand talks.

Virtual poster sessions offer the opportunity to present data to a global audience via a PDF poster & on-demand sessions offer a 20 minute pre-recorded research led talk.

The opportunity to discuss results with interested colleagues via chat or email will also be available. Plan now to be included in the Virtual Event.

Submissions have now closed!