Seoul, Korea

2024 Bio Korea International Convention


Bio Korea 2024

Meet Oxford Instruments at Bio Korea 2024

At Bio Korea 2024, explore the latest advancements in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare through engaging exhibitions, insightful conferences. 

Drop by to discuss our newest products and innovations with experts, including our microscopy systems, photo-stimulation tools, scientific cameras, and image analysis software. Visit booth #C11 (Hall C) to see Andor representing Oxford Instruments in COEX Convention Center, Seoul.

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Seoul, South Korea


8- 10 May 2024



BC 43 – Benchtop Confocal Microscope

BC43, a compact and versatile imaging system suitable for researchers of all levels. Experience a 10x increase in image acquisition speed compared to traditional point scanning confocal, without the need for a darkroom, and flexible imaging from brightfield to confocal microscopy.

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