Application of Oxford Instruments Systems in Quantum and Photonic & 2D Materials

About this event

This workshop is developed to give you an overview of Oxford Instruments solutions for Quantum and Photonic devices and 2D Materials. Oxford Instruments experts will give an overview of next generation dilution refrigerators and Atomic Scale Processing for Quantum Devices, Photonic Device Fabrication and nanomaterial processing capabilities including CVD and Plasma Enhanced CVD (PECVD) deposition of TMDs. 

Our experts will share the potential of ALD and ALE techniques to solve critical problems in quantum device fabrication, we will discuss the latest customer systems and projects within the quantum ecosystem and present the latest in the technology of the perfect system for a multi-user and multi-system lab.


  • 2:00pm Welcome note - Nano Vacuum
  • 2:05pm ALD and ALE for Quantum Devices - by Dr. Russ Renzas
  • 3:05pm Cryogenics for Quantum Devices - by Harriet van der Vliet
  • 4:20pm Photonic Device Fabrication- by Dr. Katie Hore
  • 5:20pm 2D Materials & CVD- Dr. Owain Thomas

Featured topics

  • ALD and ALE for Quantum Devices
  • Cryogenics for Quantum Devices
  • Photonic Device Fabrication
  • 2D Materials & CVD





Date and time

  • 28 September 2022
  • 2:00 pm – 6:05 pm AEST

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