AFM Workshop x Alfatest

In collaboration with Oxford Instruments, Alfatest offers a workshop dedicated to high-performance atomic force microscopy in Milan, Italy from 10 to 11 July 2024. AFM technology offers unique features to meet the growing demand for characterisation of structures and chemical-physical properties at the nanometric and sub-nanometric scale, in an increasingly wide range of application fields.

The event will be an opportunity to hear Italian AFM users together with application specialists from Alfatest and Oxford Instruments, and to attend a demonstration of the Cypher VRS, the model offering the highest resolution among fast-scanning AFMs.

Following the link you can click on DOWNLOAD PDF FORM (bottom left) and attach it to the registration form, to request the analysis of your sample in a dedicated demo on the second day of the workshop (11/07). 


Milan, Italy


10-11 July 2024


Asylum Research

Event Website

Workshop schedule - 10 July

9.30 Registration of participants

10.00 Introduction to the day and presentation Alfatest Scientific Instrumentation - Fabio De Simone, Alfatest

10.30 Presentation Oxford Instruments Asylum Research - David Westmoreland, Oxford Instruments

10.45 Atomic Force Microscopy: theoretical outlines and operating principle - Stefano Del Buffa, Alfatest

11.00 Coffee break

11.30 Thickness-dependent Relative Dielectric Constant of Organic Ultrathin Films - Dr. Cristiano Albonetti, CNR-IMSN

12.00 Role of cholesterol in modulating fluidity and bending rigidity of raft-like model cell membranes - Dr. Loredana Casalis, NanoInnovation Laboratory Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste

12.30 Recent advances in Atomic Force Microscopy - Gabriele Selvaggio, Oxford Instruments

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Speech session on Cypher ES/VRS

16.00 Round table

16.30 Closing remarks

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