Join us at the 12th Botanical Microscopy Meeting


12th Botanical Microscopy Meeting

The 12th Botanical Microscopy Meeting is the latest in a long running series of RMS sponsored meetings, dating back to the 1960s, encompassing all aspects of bioimaging relating to modern plant cell biology. There will be a plenary speaker on the Sunday evening plus a further 7 keynote speakers, covering six scientific sessions. The rest of the programme will be chosen from offered talks, with a poster session on the Monday evening. Topics will be a mix of state-of-the art microscopy combined with the latest developments in plant cell biology, including morphogenesis, plant membranes, organelle dynamics, plant-microbe interactions as well as quantitative imaging and image analysis. There will be an exhibition on Monday to Wednesday.

Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis will be exhibiting its latest SEM product innovations at the exhibition. Stop by our booth and have a chat with our experts!

Oxford Instruments Electron Microscopy products enable you to accurately analyse and characterise materials down to the nanoscale level more rapidly, by combining superior detection and analysis instruments with software platforms that interpret the resulting data in the context of your research.

Supported by our AZtec software platform, our EDS detectors give you accurate compositional analysis in real time with unmatched speed and flexibility.

Dr. Pedro Macado, Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis, will be presenting on Monday, April 3rd 12,20pm

 Biological Sample Analysis is Abloom with EDS Elemental Maps

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    John Innes Centre Norwich UK


    02-06 April 2023