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At Oxford Instruments, we push the boundaries of what’s possible, helping our customers achieve the breakthroughs that change our world. Whether it’s developing technology for a greener economy, designing devices that enhance digital connectivity, or creating next generation medicines and healthcare technology, we address the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Everything we make is exceptional, and each product and solution gives greater insight, clarity and accuracy. At Oxford Instruments, we don’t wait for change to happen. We enable it.

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We place our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do. Working with our commercial and operations colleagues, we develop prototypes that can quickly be brought to market. Together, we’re pioneering new imaging techniques, developing advanced manufacturing and mastering materials at the atomic level. Our technical teams are the people behind products which are widely acknowledged to be the most innovative and best in their fields. In fact, many of our staff are world experts and regularly invited to deliver lectures at conferences and universities around the world.


Our customers are making the breakthroughs that keep them at the front of their fields. Together, we offer them the tools they need to increase efficiency and precision, so that they can focus on what they do best. Our operations teams are made up of skilled professionals working across a range of production and supply chain roles. We work closely with our technical and commercial colleagues to ensure that our high-tech products are built to spec, manufacturing standards remain high and our instruments are the best on the market.


We focus on the ultimate reasons our customers are buying our products or services. That’s why we recently adopted an approach called ‘jobs to be done’, or JTBD for short, to keep this way of thinking front of mind. As product managers, marketing and communications specialists, and sales and service teams, we build successful relationships with our customers, understand their JTBD and then make sure we develop innovative solutions that meet their needs.


While we aren’t inventing new technologies ourselves, in business roles our job is to help everyone else to do what they do best. Our expertise spans finance, HR, IT, legal, facilities and administration. Whether our background is in science and engineering or not, we all enjoy working for company which is building tools and instruments that have such an impact on the world. We’re a small enough company to each have a broad range of responsibilities and really see the impact of our work, but big enough that we can partner with teams of like-minded professionals, share experiences and ideas, and continually learn from each other.

Apprenticeships at Oxford Instruments

Interested in earning while you study? We offer a wide range of apprenticeships at all our UK sites. Areas include manufacturing, production, design, marketing, software and more, with opportunities at every level from post-GCSE to master’s degree. Click here to find out more and meet some of our current and former apprentices.



We’re committed to being the leading provider of high tech products and services for the world’s most important industrial and scientific research communities. Our people are vital to our success. We strive to offer the opportunities that will attract, motivate and retain the very best talent in our sector. This involves creating an inclusive environment and culture, where difference is valued and people are recognised for what they deliver and bring to the team...

Our Values


By seeking out different perspectives and diverse collaboration, we deliver better solutions and lasting success


Through our knowledge, expertise and focused curiosity, we create new possibilities for ourselves and for our customers


We build successful, long-term relationships based on accountability, integrity and respect


We care, and our passion and commitment drive positive change in the world

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