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Want to work with a business that’s helping to change the world? At Oxford Instruments we’re committed to making a positive impact: enabling a greener, healthier, more connected advanced society.

Our products are used globally by leading companies and top universities, helping them make new scientific discoveries, accelerating their progress in research and design, and speeding up high-tech manufacturing.

We provide vital insights to the scientists who are developing new personalised medicines, creating lighter, more energy efficient batteries for electric cars, and bringing quantum computing into the mainstream. We’re instrumental in the design and delivery of the advanced chips powering the advanced technology of today and tomorrow. Our equipment is routinely used by Nobel prizewinners in their vital research. And we helped discover water on the moon…

With 2,000 colleagues operating in 18 different countries, you could have the opportunity to connect with brilliant people from all over the world.

Sound like something you’d like to be part of? Read on.

Our apprenticeships

We offer a wide range of apprenticeships at all levels, from Level 3 apprenticeships which you can join straight from school, to degree and graduate apprenticeships where you can develop highly advanced skills in areas including design and manufacturing.

We’re committed to delivering high quality, specialised training opportunities that lead to an exciting, fulfilling career in a company that’s making a positive impact on the world.

Based in Belfast, Bristol, High Wycombe or Oxford, there’s an apprenticeship for everyone, whether you’re just starting out on your journey, you fancy exploring a different career path, or you’re an existing Oxford Instruments employee looking to extend your skill set.

We’ll give you all the support you need to develop your career, earning a good salary while studying for key qualifications.

As an apprentice, you’ll have all the same benefits as our full-time employees, with 25 days’ holiday a year and a salary that’s at least the equivalent of the national minimum wage for people aged 21+ from your very first year with us.

You’ll have at least one day a week to spend on your studies, but you’ll also be a key member of the Oxford Instruments team, making a genuine contribution to real projects from day one.

Click the link below to browse current opportunities or register for our Apprentice Talent Pool, where we’ll hold your details for future opportunities.

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What sorts of apprenticeships do you offer?

Our UK-based apprenticeships cover a range of levels and disciplines, from Level 3 (an advanced apprenticeship equivalent to A-level study) through Levels 4-7, which go from foundation degree level up to master’s degree). Find out more below.

Design Engineering

Degree Apprenticeship

Manufacturing Engineering

Levels 3 and 4

Marketing Communications

Level 3


Higher Level


Higher Level – 4 to 5


Level 3

Meet our apprentices

Georgia joined Oxford Instruments Andor in September 2022 as an apprentice in Mechatronics

I’ve always had a keen interest in all things engineering, as my dad is an engineer. University was never my first choice, as I prefer to learn on the job rather than purely a classroom setting.

“I’ve felt at home in Oxford Instruments Andor since my first day. Everyone has been so welcoming, and I look forward to coming into work each day. Since joining I've met so many different people from different backgrounds and cultures, which is very interesting.

“I find the work very stimulating, there’s always plenty to do and it feels very rewarding at the end of the day knowing I’ve done a good job and contributed to the company’s success in a small way.

Josh joined Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis in February 2021 as a Production Apprentice

"The thing that’s surprised me most since joining Oxford Instruments is the level of responsibility that I’m given. Even though I’m only an apprentice, I get given tasks which have an impact on the business, but also on the people who work around me.

“What I enjoy most about my role is being set problem-solving tasks, as it allows me to work through complex issues, but also to work with new people, which helps me pick up new skills that’ll help me in future tasks

“My favourite opportunities involve leading engineering projects, as I get to work with different areas of the business that I wouldn’t usually work with, such as the mechanical design team and purchasing team."

Cameron joined Oxford Instruments NanoScience in 2021 as a Level 3 Manufacturing Apprentice

"I wanted to do an apprenticeship because I’ve always enjoyed learning by doing things, and I’m so glad I’ve made this choice. Joining Oxford Instruments particularly appealed to me when I found out that you get to work across a wide range of areas in the business – from learning to build all our products, to understanding the supply chain and working in the drawing office. In the two years I’ve been here I’ve learnt so much and been exposed to areas of the business I knew nothing about. I’ve also been encouraged to become an Apprentice Ambassador, so I now go to schools and events to talk to people about choosing this route."

Ben joined Oxford Instruments Andor in September 2020 as a higher level apprentice in Mechatronics 

I joined in September 2020 when most of the world was in lockdown due to the pandemic. I was nervous at first, but I could see how much the company focused on protecting staff from Covid-19 while still producing products to help with research and testing, so I was quickly reassured.

“I’m now in Year 3 of my Apprenticeship and since joining Andor Oxford Instruments I have spent time in Stores, Shipping, Production, Facilities, Health & Safety and Manufacturing Engineering. This exposure has given me a good insight into how a business works and the practical application of theory I learn in college.

“I’m now working in Production as a QC Technician, which is a busy role. The day flies by as I’m responsible for full build and test of the cameras. It took a lot of training to reach this stage!”

What comes next? Meet some of our brilliant professionals who started out as apprentices

Justin, Director of Manufacturing, NanoScience, joined Oxford Instruments as an apprentice after completing his A-levels, nearly 20 years ago. His career has seen him hold six different roles while being sponsored to complete both undergraduate and master’s degrees.

I’ve moved from learning to build our products, leading small project teams and then to working with our customers. I’ve been encouraged along my career path by managers who have mentored me, provided training and inspired me to apply for different roles. I gained technical skills when I learnt to build our products, project management skills working in Operational Excellence and people management skills when I led the test team. My journey has been challenging and exciting.

“I’ve stayed at Oxford Instruments as there are so many opportunities here and because innovation happens almost daily. In two decades, I don’t think I’ve had the same day twice!”

Rachel, Production Engineer, joined Oxford Instruments on an engineering apprenticeship following previous careers in legal expenses and delivering technical training.

"There were always people within the business who were more than willing to spend time and go through things to increase my knowledge, whether that was within the job role or with my studying. It was such a big change but it was a case of jumping in and doing my best to learn as fast as I possibly could. I think the company appreciated that and I appreciated that they let me progress so quickly.

“Every day is different and every day I'm putting all these pieces together to try and come up with a solution to the problem, which is great, because it always feels like you’ve achieved something at the end of each day.

Matt, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, joined on an engineering apprenticeship; since joining he’s completed both a foundation degree and a BSc Hons in Mechanical Engineering.

Completing a four-year Engineering Apprenticeship at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has given me an excellent foundation to pursue a career in engineering. Throughout my apprenticeship I’ve gained invaluable skills and knowledge. I’ve been supported and trained by experienced professionals and have had the opportunity to work in different roles within different teams and areas of the business.

My training in the workplace has been complimented by academic studies, and two years into my apprenticeship I started working towards a Foundation Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I’ve now completed my BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering part time at the University of the West of England, with the full support of the business.

An apprenticeship isn’t always an alternative to doing a degree, you can do both and with less student debt! I’ve found during my studies that while the academic theory is important, I have also gained a huge amount of knowledge and skills through day-to-day working. An apprenticeship really fills in the knowledge gap missed in traditional courses and allows you to see how the theory is put into practice.”

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How do I apply?

There are a variety of ways to apply for an OI apprenticeship. The different businesses within OI will advertise specific apprenticeships. These can all be found via our careers page, and you'll be able to find more information on each position there.

What happens after I apply?

Once you make an application you'll be contacted by by a member of the recruitment team at the business that you've applied to. This will be followed with an interview, usually in person, at the location you have applied to.

What if I am not ready to join you yet?

If you're not ready to apply for a specific apprenticeship, we invite you to join our talent community. You can do this by making an application following the link below. This will allow us to see that you've expressed an interest in becoming an apprentice at OI. We keep in touch with our talent community regularly and provide updates on what's new at OI.

Who can apply?

Absolutely anyone can be an apprentice. All you need is the right determination to succeed and a personality that reflects our core values.

You may have just completed your A levels, or maybe you never took A levels. You may be a parent, ready to return to work or an existing OI employee, looking to advance. Whoever you are, there’s an OI Apprenticeship here for you.

What apprenticeships do you offer?

There are a variety of levels from Level 3 to graduate apprenticeships available in the following areas:

How many apprentices do you hire?

We are committed to developing those that are at the beginning of their career, and we hire up to 25 apprentices every year in the UK.

Where are your apprenticeships located?

We have sites in Oxford, High Wycombe, Bristol, and Belfast.