Supply Chain Authenticity in Food Production

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Rapid meat speciation using NMR

Benchtop NMR non-destructively screens and quantifies known ingredients and unexpected contaminants/adulterants across end food products and the supply chain. Examples include meats, oils, coffee and spices. This establishes a fair market prices, quantifies compounds for regulatory limits, and identifies food fraud and false authenticity declarations.

The rapid speciation of meat products is critical to determine their authenticity and provenance. A benchtop NMR screening process for authenticating beef takes only 10 minutes and can be used at key points in the supply chain, such as meat processors or wholesalers, where incoming raw materials are in the form of frozen blocks of trimmings. NMR analysis based on the triglyceride composition reliably distinguishes beef, pork and horse meat.

Benchtop NMR spectroscopy for meat authentication

Edible Oil Adulteration Meat Speciation