Solar and PV Technology

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Manufacture of thin film PV devices and improvement of conventional PV devices

Photovoltaic (PV), thermoelectric (TE), and related materials and devices are developing rapidly, and branching into many varying fields, including PV polymers, traditional semiconductor based PV devices, and now perovskite PV materials. Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has developed a number of processes for the production of thin film semiconductor based photovoltaics. 

Solar cell device manufacture

Our deposition and etch tools enable higher efficiency solar cells through the passivation of interface defects to reduce carrier recombination, the improved trapping of light in the cell through the deposition of anti-reflective coatings and surface texturing and improved carrier extraction through the deposition of optimised transparent conductive oxides and controlled edge isolation etched. Our tools and processes also enable the deposition of Si thin film solar cells at low temperatures. Our x-ray sources are used in inline tools that can verify thickness and composition of critical layers and electrical interconnects in advanced high efficiency solar cell production.

AFM for Solar, Photovoltaics and Thermoelectrics Research