Nanomaterial Growth and Characterisation

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Growth and Characterisation of 2D materials, quantum dots and nanowire-based materials

The growth and manufacture of nanomaterials and nanostructure is fundamentally different to traditional top down manufacturing. Nanowires and 2D materials such as Graphene, MoS2 and hBN are grown by a catalytic self-assembly process and can be used to enhance current devices and build new device architectures. FETs, batteries and filters with unique proporties can now be realised. We provide processes and tools such as our range of ALD and Nanofab CVD, PECVD and ICPCVD tools that enable the controlled growth of nanomaterials.

2D Materials

Nanomaterials and the devices based on them can be characterised either by our range of Cypher and MFP-3D   AFMs or in the electron microscope using our range of Ultim Max and Ultim Extreme EDS detectors. Many commercial Raman microscopes used in the characterisation of 2D materials use Andor cameras and spectrographs.

Nanomaterial Growth and Characterisation figure 1
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