Modular Optical Spectroscopy

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Modular and flexible spectroscopy system for any experiment

Modular Optical Spectroscopy figure 1

When performing optical spectroscopy experiments modularity and flexibility is of paramount importance. Our broad range of spectroscopy CCD, EMCCD, sCMOS and InGaAs detectors are plug and play with our range of Czerny Turner, VHP and Echelle Spectrographs. With our range of fibre optic coupling, cage-mount setups, optical broad board compatibility or micro-spectroscopy interfaces, our Kymera spectrograph offers market leading innovative features such as TrueRes - resolution enhancement and AdaptiveFocus. The Kymera’s dual input and dual output capability also greatly simplifies integration into complex, multi-sample or multi-source experiments based on spectroscopy modalities such as Raman, Fluorescence, Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES), Absorption or Second Harmonic Generation (SHG).

Raman Scattering Photoluminescence UV/VIS Infrared/FTIR/THz Fluorescence Microscopy/Micro-PL