Inspection and Process Control

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Identification, characterisation and classification of the particles and impurities that undermine your process

Hard particle analysis for HDD

One of the largest causes of disk failures and read head crashes in a hard disk drive is the presence of foreign and contaminant particles. Understanding the origin of these particles is key to ensuring product and process reliability. Using the hard particle (HPA) analysis module for our AZtecFeature software platform you can identify characterise and classify any contaminant particles. With bespoke classification scheme, it is possible to understand the not the just the shape, size and chemistry of a particle but also its origin in the production process ensuring quality not just the final product but also the parts supplied into that product.

X-ray imaging is a key enabling technology for the rapid and reliable inspection of many consumer product components such as printed circuit boards and batteries. Our x-ray sources and power supplies are found on 24/7, in-line systems around the world and help bring mobile connectivity to our fingertips.

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