In-Situ Observation of Chemical Reactions

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Observing reactions as they happen is key to understanding the processes involved

In-Situ Observation of Chemical Reactions figure 1

Understanding how chemical reactions occur at the nano or even atomic scale is of ever-increasing interest for the development of many material systems. For example, understanding the electrochemistry of energy storage materials or the nucleation and growth of nanomaterials in liquids is key to developing new chemistries, new catalysts and new materials. Using our Cypher Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with electrochemical cell allows users to image material down to the atomic scale in liquids to understand how it changes when a potential is applied. This allows a thorough understanding of the exact material processes that occurs at sufaces during reactions. Similar experiments can be performed using In-situ cells in the transmission electron microscope (TEM). However, Using EDS allows not just imaging but also understanding of the chemical disctribution during these reactions. Our X-MaxN 100TLE high sensitivity EDS detector for TEM achieves high count rates under the most demanding conditions. This allows elemental mapping to form snap shots of a reaction in progress providing a much deeper understanding of the process.

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