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Power electronics and batteries

Electric vehicles are widely seen as one of the most important innovations in transportation. We provide manufacturing and characterisation solutions to address some of the most pressing problems such as the range of electric vehicles and recharge speed. Advances in device performance of power electronic devices through use of materials such as SiC and GaN means lower energy losses. Oxford Instruments has a deep understanding of how to make the most optimised devices through its process solutions such as ALD, plasma etch and plasma deposition. 

Process solutions for Power Devices Applications

In addition to device processing we enable accurate device characterisation on the nanoscale using electron microscopy based techniques such as EDS and EBSD failure analysis.

We are the first company to provide an EDS detector suitable for the analysis of Lithium battery materials in the SEM to enable research into extending battery charge capacity, charging speeds and lifetime, the Ultim Extreme.

AFM for Energy Storage and Battery Research


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