Automotive Tyres

The automotive tyre has to meet demands such as low rolling resistance but high grip over a large range of temperatures and speeds and high durability. Rubber, steel cord, fibre and textile are just some of the materials that are critical to a tires performance. With our nanomechanical toolkit on the AFM we enable research into improved properties by imaging and measuring complex tyre rubber blends using Dual AC imaging which provides contrast depending on materials stiffness and viscoelasticity.

AFM for Nanomechanical Measurements

The steel cord used in tire manufacturing is drawn from high carbon steel high strength strands. Quality can be compromised by the presence of impurities and steel inclusions. AZtecSteel enables the SEM/EDS based characterisation of impurities according to the so-called Pirelli method.

AFM for Polymer Science AFM for Nanomechanical Measurements