Automotive Engines

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Manufacturing cleanliness, measurements of combustion and fluid dynamics, emission control and measurements of particles in oil

We provide characterisation solutions ranging from manufacturing to the construction of measurement tools for emissions and combustion and fluid dynamics.

Manufacturing cleanliness and contamination control is critical to ensure quality to parts such as injector nozzles. AZtecClean offers an automated SEM/EDS based solution reporting to ISO 16232 and VDA 19 standards to monitor cleanliness based on the inspection of particles on filters after washing the parts.

With our particle analysis solution AZtecFeature we can also measure wear particles on oil filters and air filters, providing important information about engine wear which is typically used in engine development or motorsport.

Andor cameras and spectrographs are used in setups for non-invasive combustion diagnostics in order to optimise combustion processes and ensure compliance to emission regulation. With high-speed accurate gating of <2ns, the ability to record 4,000 fps and its ease of use and integration with high-speed computing/data systems the iStar sCMOS provides state-of-the-art imaging technology for laser-based, time-resolved combustion diagnostics. 

Today’s engines utilise advanced coatings for a multitude of purposes, primarily wear resistance in components. Our x-ray sources allow these parts to be tested as they are manufactured. Coating thickness and chemical analysis is essential to minimise cost while maximising their effectiveness.

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