International Conference on Silicon Carbide and related materials 2022

The 19th edition of ICSCRM, the core technical conference series on silicon carbide (SiC) and related materials, such as other wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors will be held on the 11-16 of September in Davos, Switzerland.

The 6-day conference is an exceptional opportunity for technical discussion dedicated to academic and industrial contributions to the further development of SiC and its applications.

The Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology team is looking forward to meeting with you at our booth R010 on the 1st level of the Congress Center in Davos during the event and discussing your current work and workflows. If you would like to book a meeting with us at the show, please complete the form below.

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During the ICSCRM, Dr Samantha Mazzamuto, the Applications Development Team Leader at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, will be giving a talk in September (the exact day of the presentation will be given soon).

Talk Title: A Plasma Polish Dry Etch process to prepare 4H-SiC substrates for device fabrication.

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has developed a new method to replace CMP involving a Plasma Polish Dry Etch (PPDE) process. PPDE can offer many advantages over CMP, including lower production costs, reduction of wafer breakage, reduction of wet chemical usage, cross wafer uniformity, reproducibility and can be utilized post-epitaxy. The PPDE process has been carried out by ICP/RIE in an Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro100 etcher on the Si face of commercial 150 mm, 4H-SiC substrates without CMP. AFM measurements show surface smoothing by 50% RMS roughness, together with a reduction of scratch density and depth. In conclusion, the results demonstrate that 4H-SiC substrate preparation by PPDE and without CMP is a route to enabling high quality epi films with high yields of good quality devices.

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Davos, Switzerland


11-16 September 2022

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Samantha Mazzamuto
Samantha Mazzamuto

Dr Samantha Mazzamuto is the Applications Development Team Leader on etch at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology.

For 10 years she has worked as a researcher on CdTe, CIGS and Kesterite solar cells becoming an expert on polycrystalline thin films deposition and PV devices. Samantha joined our company as an Application Engineer on plasma etch four years ago. She has been leading projects on SiC etch becoming the technical expert on SiC for OIPT for three years.

Samantha has a degree in Physics and she received her PhD in Material Science.

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