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Meet Oxford Instruments at the EuroNanoLab Experts School: Dry Etching 2024

We are delighted to sponsor the EuroNanoLab Experts School: Dry Etching, the event dedicated to micro- and nanofabrication industries, which will be held from 9 to 12 April 2024 in Enschede.
The conference is designed for professionals interested in dry etching technologies, focusing on encompassing fundamental principles, process simulation/modeling, plasma sources, diverse applications, and also on new advances in equipment hardware and processing technologies related to plasma etching.

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology team is looking forward to welcoming you to the event and meeting you during the exhibition session, to discuss your current projects and workflows. If you would like to book a meeting with us during the event, please complete the form below.

During the event, Dr Harm Knoops, will be delivering talks on the subjects below. For further information visit the EuroNanoLab website.


University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands


9 - 12 April 2024


Plasma Technology

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Meet the Presenter

Dr Harm Knoops
Dr Harm Knoops

Dr Harm Knoops

Date: 11 April 2024 (3:30-4:30 pm), Thursday
Title: Atomic Layer Etching: Tool Aspects and Process Examples

Date: 10 April 2024 (3:45-3:55 pm), Wednesday - Flash presentations session
Title: Advances in Atomic Layer Etch and Deposition Systems

Dr Harm Knoops is the Atomic Scale Segment Specialist at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology and holds a part-time assistant professorship position at the Eindhoven University of Technology. His work covers the fields of (plasma-based) synthesis of thin films, advanced diagnostics, and understanding and developing plasma ALD, plasma ALE and growth of 2D materials. His main goals are to improve and advance atomic scale processes and applications for Oxford Instruments and its customers.

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