Energy Generation & Storage webinar

Webinar | Nano-characterisation: Driving Progress in Energy Generation and Storage

Date: November 27, 2018 
Time: 8AM PST | 11AM EST | 4PM GMT | 5PM CET

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The continual development of new technologies drives the imperative for better, more efficient energy generation and storage. The usage of renewable energy continues to grow worldwide and the storage of that energy is required at ever high densities. In this webcast, the speakers examine the range of microscopy techniques which can be used to improve the understanding of the microstructure of energy generation and storage materials, and how this understanding can be used to drive material properties and performance. In particular, they will illustrate how electron microscopy can be combined with light and scanning-probe microscopy analyses on the identical positions in order to investigate structure-property relationships in optoelectronic devices and how all parts of a Li-ion battery can be characterised.

This webcast will help participants:

  • Understand the potential for correlative microscopy to analyse and characterise properties in energy generated materials.
  • Experience a range of examples across the microstructure of polycrystalline energy materials and their relationships to microscopic electrical properties of the corresponding devices.
  • Recognise the variety of microscopy techniques used for analysis of Li ion battery materials, providing characterisation of all parts of the device.