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TU Vienna


Plasma Technology

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Tuesday 17 September 2019 Wednesday 18 September 2019
Dry Etching for MEMS Applications Oxford Instruments
Etching of InP & GaAs by Ion Beam Etching 
Oxford Instruments
Field Emission Scanning Probe Lithography & Cryogenic Plasma Etching for Beyond CMOS Devices Martin Hofmann, TU Ilmenau Investigation of the Transition Layer Properties of Plasma Oxidised SiC-SiO<sub>2</sub> stacks Johannes Schalko, TU Wien -  Gernot Fleckl, ISAS
Tuning Materials Properties in Plasma ALD by Substrate Biasing 
Dr Harm Knoops, Oxford Instruments
End Point for Ion Beam Applications Including Etching of Magnetic Materials
Oxford Instruments
Atomic Layer Etching (ALE)
Oxford Instruments Efficient Plasma Cleaning for PECVD Oxford Instruments
SiC Etching for Via Holes & Feature for RF & Power Applications Oxford Instruments ZnO Optoelectronics using Plasma-based Processing Borislav Hinkov, FKE und ZMNS, TU Wien
Graphene & 2D Materials-based Devices for Optoelectronics: CVD, ALD, RIE & ALE
Oxford Instruments Diamond Etching – Applications & Challenges
Oxford Instruments
Review of InP etch process including End Point Detection and Plasma Clean Processes
Oxford Instruments GaN Low Damage Etch by ICP RIE & ALE
Oxford Instruments
Plasma Deposition PECVD vs ICP PECVD Oxford Instruments Silicon Etching for Low Loss Integrated Photonics Components Oxford Instruments
Review of AlGaAs/GaAs Processing for VCSEL Fabrication Oxford Instruments Double-metal Waveguide  Fabrication for High Performance THz QCLs Martin Kainz, u. ZMNS, TU Wien
Deep Etching of Interband Cascade Laser Ridge-Waveguides Johannes Hillbrand, FKE und ZMNS , TU Wien Fabrication of Biomedical Devices of On-chip Diagnostics & Life Sciences: An Overview of Relevant Plasma Processing Technology
Oxford Instruments
Poster Session & Lab Tour
Ion Beam Deposition of Nanolayers of VOx & other Materials by Ion Beam
Oxford Instruments
Conference Dinner
Final Discussion

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Cost Per Person: Euro 240, for coffee / lunches during the workshop hours and one dinner on 17th of September